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a laptop with the safepath map and a phone with the safepath app

Walk safer. Bike better. Move more. Know before you go,
with SafePath.

Active transportation options are fundamental to improving the health of our community and quality of urban life, as well as reducing our carbon footprint and social inequalities. SafePath gives you real-time information about sidewalk, pathway, and bike lane obstructions and hazards to make cities more accessible and enjoyable for everyone.

Improving Local Accessibility & Activity

From construction blocking your way to sidewalks covered in ice, getting around the city can be both annoying and hazardous. The SafePath app crowdsources information by encouraging you to record local sidewalk and pathway dangers or inconveniences in real-time.

SafePath app showing a screen to select an obstruction type

Be a leader in your community

Want to make active transportation safer and better in your community? Be part of the SafePath App test group. Download the iOS or Android beta app and share your experiences with obstructions and unsafe events as they happen.


Share your observations or experiences with hazards, obstructions or unsafe events

A street with signs and other equipment as tripping hazards

2. Experience

Check your route for obstructions or hazards before you go to make informed decisions about your route.

SafePath app showing a range of types of entries

3. Inform

Use SafePath for real-time daily commutes.

Help decision-makers create effective improvements to city infrastructure that will encourage healthy, prosperous communities.

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