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We are passionate about road safety and accessibility for all. Here is a collection of images we have captured, as well as suggestions on how you can support your community by reporting obstructions, hazards and experiences on SafePath.


SafePath’s mission is to ensure safety in the community by spreading awareness about obstructions and incidents that could affect pedestrians as they traverse the city’s streets. Every season is different, therefore we put together a breakdown of the observations that might suit each term. However, like the everchanging seasons, various hazards can make themselves known no matter the weather or temperature, which means safety should be a priority any time a pedestrian takes to the roads.

Jump to our photo gallery to see what kind of observations we’re looking for to ensure the safety of our users.


Through the gradual shift between sub-zero temperatures to t-shirt wearing heat, spring incidents and obstructions are just about as unpredictable as the everchanging weather. Ranging from ice, snow, to fallen branches, and construction as the warmth takes root. We must remain tenacious in ensuring road safety. In the beginning we must keep our eyes out for winter conditions, and later we will have to shift towards cyclist safety, pedestrian, and sidewalk security. As the ice and snow melts, oftentimes it will reveal what’s been covered throughout the winter months, such as fallen branches and unsafe roadways, therefore we need to be cautious as we take to the roads with the warming days.


With the heat of summer, many people who have been homebound during the winter and spring take to the streets. As tourists flood the sidewalks, workers take vacation to enjoy the sun, and construction picks up, this is a time to keep persistent for care on the streets. Things to keep watch for would be closed streets, construction sites, and obstructed bike lanes. Because summer is a busy time for pedestrian foot traffic, this is one of the most important times of the year to keep adamant about sidewalk safety.


As the golds, reds and yellows take root, transforming our green city into an autumn paradise, we must be adamant in collecting data to safety address the issues of our streets. With a surplus of student foot traffic, finalizing of construction, fall storms and hurricanes, there are issues that arise that cannot be overlooked. Fallen branches, forgotten signage, and an increase of road traffic as the temperature cools are things to keep watch for.


Winter is arguably the most dangerous time to be walking the streets. When the snow-covered roads hide ice just below, and black ice and slush line the roadways, it is important to be cautious as we’re out and about. Snowplows and an increase in narrower roads pose safety issues for the sidewalk user, while winter storms guarantee fallen debris and snow-covered hazards. Things to be watchful for would be ice, snow, accidents, and uneven sidewalks obscured by the weather.

Check our gallery below to see some depictions of the type of incidents and obstructions SafePath would appreciate reporting on. Safety is our number one priority, and we want all sidewalk and road users to take the safest step possible.

What to Report
Image Gallery

Image Gallery

In the gallery below there are some images taken throughout the HRM from team members over the last year. The images range from narrow snow clearings to street closures as well as obstructions.


Additional Links

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Explore HRM - An interactive map of the Halifax Reginal Municipality, where you can locate bus stops, accessible parking, and public properties.

Street Closures - A listed print of street closures on Halifax's Regional Municipality's Website. 

Spring Garden Road Business Assocation (SGABA) - The SGABA represents member businesses to various levels of government and other key stakeholders in the community. 

Halifax Cycling Coalition - A non-profit organization dedicated to advocating for safe and comfortable bicycle infrastructure. 

CYCLE snApp - Snapshots & notes App for better HRM cycling. 

National Safety Council Alliance - Near Miss Reporting Systems.

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