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Be a hero,make your community safer for everyone.

The safest path is the one we take together

Crowdsourced Data to Improve Safety of Active Transportation

SafePath crowdsources information by encouraging communities to record sidewalk or pathway inconveniences, risks, or dangers.

Detailed Obstructions, Hazards and Occurrences

Community members share information about current physical hazards and obstructions, such as construction, unplowed snow, ice patches, debris, non-functioning crosswalk signals, or deteriorating sidewalks with others through this SafePath app.

Dangers are not limited to physical objects, often dangers are associated with human behaviour. SafePath collects instances of dangerous and risky events and occurrences such as near hits in intersections or crosswalks, aggressive behaviour or object blocking bike lanes. This data provides citizens and municipal decision-makers with quantitative support of zones that require prioritized street-level activity monitoring or safety enhancements. Previously this data was fragmented across 311 records, social media posts and communication to elected officials.

SafePath Informs Decisions

Check SafePath for closed sidewalks or hazards before heading out. Share your observations and experiences to ensure your community has the information to make safe and accessible choices.

SafePath's mobile app and web-based dashboard where users can toggle to view mappings and graph types of obstructions or events by date, type and other criteria required to help make the community safer.

A screenshot of SafePath's user interface
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