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“We often do not consider the visually impaired. We have made efforts in the past five years to be more accessible. We have sidewalks with tactile plates and crosswalks with chirps and lights with signals but we often forget other aspects that can impact access.


If we could see where there is a long delay for snow removal, that can help us better understand our service priorities, we could change where we put our priorities.” 

- City Director of Public Works

sidewalk closure with barricade

“If you have a good route you know, not just blind people, you go the way you know. That is the case, generally go the way you know if there is a route.

One of my easiest routes is through a parking lot but that is not safe for me. I found a backway, it involves a sidewalk and not the way a normal sighted person would walk, only I would go that way, it is the safest. Last year it was under construction. It was unsafe for me but I didn’t know.”


- SafePath Supporter

“Within the community, we will call each other. Like if I notice something, there are others in my office I may text and call. If the ground slippery or audible light isn’t working, I let them know and then I call the city. People really want to help each other.” 

- SafePath Supporter

Pylons blocking off sidewalk, crew working on cut tree
Bikelane blocked by pylons and parked truck

“Every day a driver nearly hits me by driving too close or not seeing me when they make a turn. I know I am not the only one. Being able to share my experiences with others will remind me I am not alone, but also give us a chance to raise our voices together to lead to safer cycling for all.” 

 - Cyclist

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