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Dashboard Overview

At SafePath we understand the need for real-time and accurate data, which is why we rely on our valuable users for mapping the accessibility of Halifax. Reports containing incidents and obstructions are important in determining the safety of our city, and we couldn’t do it without you. We understand how vital understanding the big picture is when it comes to data, which is why we created both a dashboard overview and the means to tailor a personalized version to give you the information you need when you need it most.

Main Dashboard

Check out our main dashboard for information relaying to all collected reports in the city. In this section you will find a live map with pins detailing each and every active incident, as well as the history of user claims and issues. Here you can also see SafePath’s impact, as well as a breakdown of obstructions, incidents, or hazards. The main dashboard is a no pressure, sign up free option for those who just want to look and make no commitments.

Personalized Dashboard

With the personal dashboard you can see a summary of all data pertaining to you. How far you’ve travelled with SafePath, how much impact your reports have had on other users, as well as a tailored data breakdown. The map can be suited to your needs, as well as display the information most important to you. Only available after signing in, you can choose to save the dashboard to your liking, as well as peruse all details available within the main dashboard.

Dashboard Accessibility

All charts are table toggle enabled to maximize accessibility, and all map items can be switched to be displayed in a list. We strive for our data to be accessible and hope to achieve maximum usability. However, if there are any noted issues, please reach out to us at either our Accessibility Forum or our email at

Happy Viewing!

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